15 Desserts in Under 15 Minutes

15 Desserts in Under 15 Minutes

By the time dessert comes around, you don't want to be fussing over a grand dish that takes a long time to prepare and serve. Here are 15 desserts that you can have from cupboard to table in under 15 minutes!

5 Minute Candy Bar Pie: Instant pudding, Cool Whip and chocolate bars make this a quick and easy dessert.

10 Minute German Chocolate Cream Pie: This one is perfect when you just can't wait for that chocolate indulgence.

Key Lime Mousse Cups: These light, tangy dessert cups are a wonderful after dinner snack, and they take only a minute to whip up!

Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie: This is a really easy pie to make. It takes about 15 minutes to make.

The Easiest Fudge Recipe Ever: No need to whip out the candy thermometer and boil the sugar perfectly with this simple fudge recipe. It only takes 10 minutes to prepare!

Quick and Easy Key Lime Pie: A recipe from my great grandmother on my grandfather's side. This is a quick and easy little recipe that is perfect for the summer, great for family gatherings, or the best for that last-minute dessert needed when the in-laws come over. The best part? You don't have to squeeze a million little limes for their juice! You can keep in it the fridge, or freeze it for a tasty frozen treat!

Coffee Mug Chocolate Cake: Death By Chocolate. This can be whipped up and ready in five minutes. Served warm on a cold dreary winter day with chocolate syrup and ice cream.

Easiest German Apple Kutchen: Kuchen means cake in German. This cake takes literally a minute or two to prepare, but is great for company or a family dinner.

Easy Ambrosia: If you love marshmallows, coconut and pineapple then this is the dessert for you. This is a very simple and quick recipe to follow.

2 Minute Fudge: The fastest fudge recipe around!

10 Minute Rainbow Sorbet: This is a perfect dessert for any child and for anyone who loves rainbow sorbet.

Jell-O 10 Minute Fruit Whip Recipe: This is a great way to end a heavy Thanksgiving meal. It's light and fruity and delicious.

10 Minute Cherry Tarts: These 10-minute cherry tarts are a great quick and easy dessert or snack for any event, party or school function. Just make them the night before and refrigerate overnight.

Peanut Butter No-Bake Cookies: Throw these sticky peanut buttery cookies together in minutes for an almost-instant dessert.

Speedy Sugar-Free Rice Pudding: This creamy rice pudding takes only minutes to make and only requires a microwave!

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