15 Easy Winter Recipes

15 Easy Winter Recipes

With the ice and snow dominating the landscape, we don’t blame you for refusing to leave your house for a couple days. There’s no reason to brave through the cold when you can make a ton of easy winter recipes in your home! Keep reading for 15 of our best meals!

Sweet Chicken Wings - If you're tired of hot wings, these are great!  Once you start eating them you cannot stop.

Old Fashioned Salmon Soup - I am not fond of salmon and of fish soups. But this has been one of my favorite soups growing up. It's very simple and cooks up within 15 minutes.

Beegee's Shuck Beans - A delicious flavor of the Mountain South. A truly unique tasting treat.

Bean and Noodle Soup - When there's a snowstorm outside your window, try making a bowl of this filling soup.

Vegetarian Chili - For the vegetarian in the family, this is sure to please.

Russ's "No Peek" Beef Stew - This recipe is enjoyed by all our family and friends we share it with. Great on those busy days when you don't have a lot of time to spend in the kitchen.

Chicken Pot Pie - This secret recipe was provided to me by a friend who was the chef in a very popular restaurant. Enjoy.

Super Quick Spaghetti - I love the little baby tomatoes in this recipe!

Quirky Turkey Chipotle Chili - This really is an effortless chili. Just add the ingredients and stir occasionally. The chipotle chilies in the adobo sauce are now more common in grocery stores, and that would probably be the only…

Ham and Lentil Soup - Every cook should know how to make lentil soup.

Italian Beef Stew - This thick stew is so yummy!

Burrito Casserole - Quick and easy.

Roasted Red Pepper and Hummus Soup - Zesty and creamy, this luxurious soup is perfect to start off any great meal.

Ale Pot Roast - One of the tastiest pot roast recipes around!

Chicken Breasts with Orange Glaze - For Two - This simple chicken dish is full of flavor and sweetness.

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