15 Favorite Fall Potluck Recipes

15 Favorite Fall Potluck Recipes

These dishes are easy to make and easy to transport to the site of your potluck gathering, whether it's an all-out-party, religious event or family affair. Impress for less with these crockpot, casserole and dip dishes. Don't forget to try the cheesecake salad!

Spaghetti Salad: This spaghetti salad is the perfect potluck dish!  It is made ahead and it can be an entree or a nice accompaniment to other potluck foods. Adults and kids love this salad!

BBQ Butter Beans: Liquid smoke makes this unique and gives them a homestyle spin!

Dorito Casserole
: You can also make this dish without Doritos- use flour tortillas to make quesadillas.

Mushroom and Chicken Tamalon: Mushrooms in Mexican food? You bet! This casserole-size tamale is baked rather than steamed, which makes it easy to prepare. A great dish to make with leftover chickem, this is a crowd pleaser at any potluck!

Potluck Pasta Salad: This blend of fresh flavors make this a clean and classic option at your potluck gathering.

Plaza Chip Dip
This dip is an interesting combination of ingredients you might not naturally put together. The results will prove you wrong.

Wildfire Salad with Gorgonzola Bruschetta: The perfect potluck salad.

Amazing Asparagus Casserole
: Easy to prepare and always a big hit!

Deluxe Artichoke Dip:
This artichoke dip is great for potlucks! It has been requested many times. This takes approximately 5 minutes to mix and 20 minutes to bake.

Texas Caviar: The most addictive dip we've ever tasted!

Creamy Red Pepper Dip with Veggies
: Complex and fresh flavors make this dip a winner.

Crockpot Lasagna: This dish is requested time and time again. It's easy to make and so much like the baked version.

Asian-Flavored Cole Slaw: Ingredients like cilantro and red cabbage make this dish special and yet classic at the same time!

Dilled Potatoes with Feta:
This is always demolished at every party I take it to. Be prepared to bring the recipe!

Cheesecake Salad: This fluffy salad is rich and creamy and takes a new spin on the fruit salad.

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