15 Great Recipes that Use Bisquick

15 Great Recipes that Use Bisquick

Bisquick is a versatile ingredient from which you can make many different recipes, from baked breads and pastries to desserts and dinner entrees. Keep reading to see our favorite ways to incorporate Bisquick into a great meal.

Bisquick Tortillas: Use this easy, homemade tortilla recipe for your next batch of Enchiladas.

Bisquick Brownies: Using a biscuit mix and chocolate chips makes this an easy dessert to whip up.

Bisquick Burrito:  Burrito’s made the bisquick way. Read to find out how to make these.

Bisquick Blueberry Muffins: These morning muffins are easy on your time and even easier on your wallet.

Bisquick One-Pan Fruit Cobbler: This is a quick and easy dessert that you can throw together in no time at all.

Expert Bisquick Sour Cream Chicken Squares: This is an interesting and different way to serve chicken for dinner. It is delicious and a must try.

Easy Orange Scones: Bisquick mix makes these scones simple – all you have to do is mix!

Hot Dogs Under Wrap: Hot dogs baked inside crescent roll puffs make a great appetizer or main course! When I don't have time to buy crescent rolls or pizza dough, I reach for my trusty Bisquick Baking Mix.

Hot Zucchini Squares: These easy appetizers are made wih Bisquick mix and plenty of herbs.

Southwest Corn Casserole: With a Bisquick base, this chile and corn casserole is a hearty side item for any meal.

No Sugar Low-Fat Chocolate Chip Bread: For a yummy treat thats easier on your waistline, try this bread infused with mini chocolate chips.

Quick Pineapple Upside-Down Cake: Be a winner with your family! Bake a classic Bisquick® dessert created in the '50s and still loved today.

Exquisite Chicken Pot Pie Recipes: This is a simple version of a potentially complicated dish, but using Bisquick mix for the crust, cuts your time in half!

Reuben Turnovers: Not just your ordinary Reuben sandwhich recipe, try this as a turnover. All you need is Bisquick.

Great Greek Spinach Pie: This dish can be served as a side or mail dish by adding a salad or even soup. Crunchy on the outside and smooth and salty on the inside. Who could ask for more?

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