15 Seasonal Potluck Provisions

15 Seasonal Potluck Provisions

Are you going to a fall potluck or party? Here's a list of 15 easy dishes to bring and share with the group. You will be the hit of the party once everyone tastes one of these excellent dishes.

Baked Pumpkin Casserole: Add pumpkin, sugar and nutmeg into a casserole dish and you will have a great tasting side.

Pumpkin Bread: This pumpkin quick bread may be one of the best you will have ever taste. It also freezes well!

Hot Corn Dip: This is a great fall dip to serve before dinner. It's got nice corn flavor with a hint of chili powder and garlic.

Burger Bake: My family and friends have enjoyed this for over 30 years! My kids say it's sort of like a pizza.

Spicy Tuna Casserole: I came up with this as a friend wanted a tuna casserole and I didn't like the sound of the ones in my books. It's pretty and taste great. Nine people tried it and loved it!

Fall Fruit Salad: Enjoy this tasty fruit salad in the fall, when apples are at their peak!

Pumpkin Cheese Ball: Serve this yummy pumpkin treat at Thanksgiving! It's a great fall appetizer!

Fall Vegetable Quiche: Add a blend of mixed veggies, cheeses and spices to make this delicious quiche that can be eaten for breakfast or dinner.

Pumpkin Spread: Pumpkin and apples combine together to make the perfect autumn appetizer!

Apple Salsa: This is a great way to eat fruit. Use this as a garnish, relish, spread or eat it right out of the bowl!

Stuffed Bread: Delicious French loaf stuffed with a wonderful cheese and sausage mixture!

Brie Dip: My girlfriend served this and I thought she became a gourmet cook. It is absolutely delicious and very impressive looking.

Taco Bake Appetizer: This tastes like tacos but better. It's quick and easy and people love it.

3-in-1 Italian Dip: This is a recipe my niece loves and the family asks for all the time.

Eggs-celent Deviled Eggs: These deviled eggs are good for parties or just a snack after school. Using mustard definitely brings them up a notch.





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