15 Shrimp Appetizer Recipes + 4 Essential Shrimp Cooking Tips!

15 Shrimp Appetizer Recipes + 4 Essential Shrimp Cooking Tips!

If you’re looking to really impress your guests at your next dinner party, try serving up some shrimp appetizer recipes. Shrimp appetizers are always elegant and delicious, even when they’re super simple to make! Try one of these cold shrimp appetizer recipes, Mexican shrimp appetizer recipes, or easy shrimp appetizer recipes tonight!

Cold Shrimp Appetizer Recipes
Worried about keeping your appetizers warm while they’re sitting out?  Eliminate the worry and try one of these cold shrimp appetizer recipes!

Shrimp and Melon Appetizer: This dish makes a tangy start to any meal. It’s garnished with olives and served on a bed of crushed ice.
Tropical Shrimp Boats: Serve these yummy shrimp boats at your next dinner party!
Shrimp Roll-Ups: These delicious roll-ups make an excellent appetizer - but make sure to prepare them the day before so they can marinate overnight.
Avocado Shrimp Cups: This appetizer requires a bit of extra time for the shrimp to marinate, but it's well worth the wait!
Ultimate Shrimp & Dipping Sauce: Great for parties! Big hit at any gathering. A new twist on shrimp cocktail.
Mexican Shrimp Appetizer Recipes
From ceviche to tostadas, these Mexican shrimp appetizers will blow you away!

Shrimp Tostadas: I love the combination of shrimp and avocado in this recipe!
Mexican Shrimp Ceviche: The shrimp are "cooked" in the marinade overnight in this yummy appetizer, best served with tortilla chips.
Tropical Shrimp Quesadillas: Take flavor south of the border with these delectable quesadillas, which fuse Mexican and Caribbean influences. Enjoy them cut into wedges as an appetizer for summer entertaining or serve them whole as a main dish.
Chicken and Shrimp Tortilla Soup: Forget that boring soup and try this Mexican-inspired soup for a real treat.
Shrimp Ceviche Tostadas: Shrimp is "cooked" in lime juice and blended with tomatoes, onion, and jalapeno.

Easy Shrimp Appetizer Recipes

Who said cooking with shrimp has to be tricky?  These 5 easy shrimp appetizer recipes prove that seafood can be simple to work with!

Tasty Shrimp Cups: An elegant appetizer that your guests will love!
Shrimp Dip: Chopped green onions and horseradish give this dip a kick.
Shrimp Tempura with Kiwifruit Confetti: This one-bite-at-a-time recipe is perfect finger food for parties, and easily graces tables as a zippy appetizer or a full entree depending on how many you serve.
Shrimp and Cucumber Rounds: These easy-to-prepare appetizers are great for get-togethers!
Shrimp Toast: This elegant appetizer has adds creamy flavor to the shrimp with a hint of vodka and scallions.

How to Prepare Shrimp:

It is not necessary to devein shrimp, but generally, any shrimp big enough to have a visible vein should be deveined. Inside that vein is digested material and sand that needs to be purged from the shrimp's body. Leaving the vein in can also produce a gritty texture in the shrimp.

Fresh or thawed shrimp that has not been cooked is very perishable. Shrimp should be used within two days of purchase to ensure optimal taste and texture. Store fresh shrimp that will not be cooked immediately in the coolest area of the refrigerator, preferably on ice and covered with waxed paper. The waxed paper allows air to circulate around the shrimp.

If the heads are attached, twist them off to remove. Discard or save for stock. If you are right-handed, hold the shrimp in your left hand with outside curve up and tail away from you. Using clean kitchen scissors carefully cut through the shell along the top of shrimp to just before the last section of shell, below the tail. Peel back shell and remove shell keeping the tail intact. Discard shells or keep them for stock. Hold peeled shrimp under running water. With paring knife, remove black vein along cut side of shrimp.

If you want to butterfly the shrimp: Complete the steps above, leaving the tails on, then slit the back of shrimp from tail to head, about 2/3 through.

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