15 Simple Summer Diabetic-Friendly Recipes

15 Simple Summer Diabetic-Friendly Recipes

Don't let your dietary restrictions get you down: everyone will love these diabetic-friendly dishes.

1) This light shrimp salad is perfect for summer.

2) A simple, crunchy bread to go along with your next meal.

3) This dense, moist pumpkin bread is sweet and delicious.

4) No one else at the table will know this salmon was made especially for a diabetic.

5) This chilli is the perfect blend of sweet and spice.

6) A great tuna casserole!

7) Let's not forget to bake some snickerdoodle cookies!

8) This pasta soup is so yummy.

9) This sweet, refereshing strawberry spinach salad is pefect for summer.

10) These turkey burgers are great grilled outside on a sunny day.

11) Don't hold back from the sweets, you can have this amazing chocolate souffle.

12) These baked chicken tenders are a healthy alternative for everyone.

13) Whoa, whoa, is it 5 o'clock? Who cares. Have a daiquiri.

14) This whole wheat pretzel recipe is fantastic.

15) I'll end here with none other than the tried and true chocolate chip cookie.

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