16 Biscotti Recipes

16 Biscotti Recipes

These twice baked cookies originated in Italy in the eighteenth century. Because biscotti is very dry it is often served with a drink such as wine coffee, or tea.

Cranberry Biscotti: The sweet taste of cranberry adds the perfect amount of fruity flavor to this hard Italian cookie.

Almond Biscotti: These cookies are perfect for dunking!

Spiced Biscotti: For a healthier biscotti, substitute three whole eggs for the two eggs and two egg yolks in this recipe.

Brownie Biscotti: A chocolate version of an Italian favorite.

Hazelnut Biscotti: Very dip-able for piping hot breakfast tea or coffee

Anise Biscotti: This is a softer version of the hard biscotti. If you like the taste of licorice, you'll like the taste of this cookie.

Chocolate Biscotti: Sweeten up tea-time with these easy to make treats.

Pumpkin Pie Biscotti: With tea or coffee, you'll love these biscotti in the autumn months.

Lemon Anise Biscotti: A Sicilian specialty, this recipe produces a relatively hard biscuit -- perfect with an afternoon cup of coffee.

Triple Chocolate Biscotti: For a super-chocolaty treat, these cookies will give you a sweet crunch to sink your teeth into. Try them with coffee for a rich mocha taste.

Cranberry Orange Biscotti: These treats can also be made with dried finely chopped apricots, raisins or once dried cherries.

Honey Lavender Biscotti: Based on the flavors of a popular Provencal ice cream, these honey-lavender biscotti are best made with an assertive honey, such as a spicy clover.

Orange Almond Biscotti: The addition of a small amount of butter produces a richer, more cookie-like texture.

Chocolate Cherry Biscotti: Semisweet and white chocolate chips mingle with cheerful cherries in these irresistible biscotti.

Blueberry White Morsels Biscotti: Try your hand at this hard cookie that is the perfect accompaniment to your coffee or tea.

Gingerbread Biscotti: A favorite holiday flavor mixed with a classic Italian dessert makes this the perfect cookie for dipping into your eggnog or hot chocolate.


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