16 Delicious Dinner Rolls

16 Delicious Dinner Rolls

No large meal isn't complete without a basket of hot and fresh dinner rolls. We've got 16 recipes to try, from classic rolls to more adventurous flavors like pumpkin and rum,

Classic dinner Rolls: These easy rolls are the perfect accompaniment to any dinner.

Potato Rolls: Instant mashed potatoes add a rich texture and taste to these dinner rolls.

Sausage Rolls: Perfect for appetizers, these rolls have onions, apple, cheese and cinnamon.

Pumpkin Rolls: These rolls are perfect to accompany a fall meal.

Rum Rolls: Use premade dinner rolls for this easy recipe.

Pepperoni Rolls: These are much better than the store bought kind. They smell so good while cooking that no one can wait for them to come out of the oven.

Asparagus Rolls: These asparagus rolls are a HUGE hit at every party.

Buttermilk Rolls: These rolls are light and fluffy.

Angel Rolls: A sweet-tasting dinner bread made from yeast dough that needs no rising.

Ice Box Pan Rolls: These clever rolls, made with mashed potatoes, are a delicious addition to the dinner table.


Golden Herb Rolls: These pumpkin rolls have dried herbs mixed in for a very autumnal flavor.

Cheesy Dill Rolls: If you're bored of plain old dinner rolls give these a try.

Squash Rolls: A delicious way to spruce up your regular dinner rolls and use a unique seasonal starch.

Oatmeal Roll: Get some of that whole grain goodness into your dinner rolls.

Quick and Easy Rolls: A great, basic recipe for yeast rolls whenever you need them. Easy to add sugar, nuts or whatever else you'd like.

Fall Fruit Rolls: Charge into fall with an apple pie spice and cranberry bread roll.

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