16 Spectacular Corn Casseroles

16 Spectacular Corn Casseroles

There are so many delicious ways to use corn in the summertime! Cold corn salads, fresh corn salsa, tender grilled corn on the cob…all of these are wonderful ways to celebrate this amazing ingredient. One of our favorite ways to use corn, however, is in a creamy casserole. Serve one as a side dish at a picnic or barbecue and watch it disappear!

Baked Corn Casserole: Reminiscent of cornbread, this enticing casserole adds the favorite flavor upgrade of corn in another form to any daily dinner.
Corn Casserole: For that extra touch, use multi-colored Indian corn when in season.

Two-Corn Casserole: Creamed corn, kernel corn and corn muffin mix all go into this recipe.s
Sweet Corn Casserole: This sweet corn-studded casserole is a great side to serve with practically any Mexican-inspired main dish.

Yummy Corn Casserole: Corn baked with an irresistible combination of butter, cream cheese, and garlic. Every time I make this for other people, they ask for the recipe.
Creamed Corn Casserole: If you love the taste of creamed corn then try this casserole with jiffy corn break mix.
Unusual Corn Casserole: A light and creamy corn side dish I use every Thanksgiving. It is a family favorite.
Cheddar Corn Casserole: With green and red bell pepper, this corn casserole is visually appealing as well as tasty.
Corn and Onion Casserole: A simple side dish that goes with anything.
Southwest Corn Casserole: With a Bisquick base, this chile and corn casserole is a hearty side item for any meal.
Hamburger Corn Casserole: This is a easy all-in-one meal to prepare that the family will love! I usually serve this with some form of bread (i.e. corn 

Bobbie’s Corn Casserole: This was one of my mother's specialties that was a real crowd-pleaser. Even my youngest who is a "picky eater" loves this dish.
Cheesy Chili Corn Casserole: Green chiles, french fried onions and ground red pepper give this luscious corn casserole a little kick...but don't worry - the cheesy sauce controls the heat and leaves you with nothing but great flavor.

Ann Marie’s Yummy Corn Casserole: An extra-moist way to make corn bread.
Cheesy Creamed Corn Casserole: Two colors of bell pepper and shredded cheddar cheese spruce up this corn casserole.
Scalloped Corn: This is a corn casserole that I've had every Thanksgiving of my life!

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