16 Unique Muffin Recipes

16 Unique Muffin Recipes

No blueberry muffins here. How about wild rice, butterscotch, bacon or barbeque?

Cherry Sour Cream Muffins: These muffins are deliciously rich and perfect for a bake sale or brunch!

Wild Rice Muffins: Try one of these muffins for breakfast!

Butterscotch Muffins: Using butterscotch pudding mix is a clever trick for tasty muffins.

Bacon Muffins: These muffins make an excellent addition to any meal. Tasty and a little bit sweet.

Carrot Muffins: A great way to sneak some vegetables into your daily routine, especially good for kids!

Barbeque Muffins: These muffins have ground beef, onions cheddar cheese and BBQ sauce!

Mincemeat Muffins: Friends and family really enjoy these muffins.

Quinoa Muffins: This muffin is a delightful breakfast treat, and it will give you plenty of energy make it through the day.

Pizza Muffins: These bite size pizzas make a great appetizer. Feel free to add in your favorite toppings.

White Chocolate Apricot Muffins: A truly unique combination of ingredients, these muffins are delicious and surprising.

Cheddar Cheese Muffins: Cheesy muffins are a great way to start the day, and they're rich in protein and calcium.

Onion Walnut Muffins: These savory flavors melt together wonderfully in this muffin recipe!

Pineapple Yogurt Muffins: A double of pineapple makes for yummy pina-colada muffins.

Coffee Praline Muffins: These sweet and nutty muffins are perfect with a cup of cafe au lait.

Zucchini Chocolate Muffins: Zucchini adds a unique texture to baked goods that goes perfectly with the gooey sweetness of chocolate chips.

Butter Pecan Muffins: The sweet taste of buttery toffee weaves its way through these perfect muffins.

Mexicali Pepper Muffins: Instead of cornbread, try these muffins with peppers, corn and chili powder – perfect for a Mexican feast.

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