16 Ways to Make French Toast

16 Ways to Make French Toast

From easy French toast casseroles to fruity and nutty French toast creations, this collection has it all! Treat yourself to a delicious and family-friendly French toast breakfast this week. You won’t regret it!

French Toast Naranjo: The hint of orange flavor with nutmeg and walnuts really spices up regular French toast .

French Toast Casserole
: This is a great dish to make for a big brunch because it feeds a ton of people! An easy way to make a classic breakfast without slaving over the stove.

French Toast with Fruit Compote: Orange juice's vitamin C, flaxseed's fiber, and soy milk  make this luscious French toast a treat for your heart.
Baked French Toast with Peaches: Fancy up your breakfast by making this delicious recipe for baked French toast and add some warm peaches on top.

Apricot French Toast: This sweet fruit French toast has walnuts too for a delicious crunch.

Stuffed French Toast with Strawberries: Serve these with scrambled eggs (add some chopped chives for a nice touch), and your choice of breakfast meat.

Low-Fat French Toast: Don't skip out on French toast because you think it's unhealthy. With this recipe, you can afford to indulge at breakfast!

Apple Stuffed Almond Encrusted French Toast: This is a wonderful new way to serve French toast. It's guaranteed to get eyebrows to raise and comments flying.
Streusel French Toast: Make this delicious French toast recipe for your next family brunch!
Chocolate Chip Pannettone French Toast: Panettone is an Italian bread that sometimes has dried fruit and chocolate in it. It can be used as dessert, breakfast, whatever you can think of. Good for any day or holiday. It is available all year long.
Blueberry French Toast: Start this sweet breakfast the night before and simply pop it in the oven in the morning.
Caramelized French Toast: This unconventional French toast dish cooks in a baking dish rather than in a pan and it's topped off with apples and brown sugar .
Corner Bakery French Toast: This is not like regular 'French toast', it's more like a rich, soft, moist bread pudding that can be sliced and served with syrup. It's perfect for brunch and can also be served for dessert.

Walnut Stuffed French Toast: Crunchy on the outside and sweet and gooey on the inside. Yum! You can vary the recipe by using combining light cream cheese with the fruit preserves used in the filling. Recipe courtesy of the Walnut Marketing Board

Baked Victorian French Toast: My boss made this for Christmas brunch a couple years ago and I serve it every Christmas morning for my neighbors to gather at my home for brunch.
Banana Pecan Streusel French Toast: A light amaretto sauce tops off this fancy French toast recipe.

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