17 of Our Favorite Cheap Family Recipes

17 of Our Favorite Cheap Family Recipes

If you're a frugal fanatic like me, then you'll appreciate these family-sized recipes, for the single-sized wallet.

1) This creamy corn pudding is an easy to make casserole with canned corn, frozen spinach, and a little fresh onion– making for a delicious, cheap side.

2) This summer squash bake is another great veggie casserole side that won't break the bank.

3) Putting a twist on the usual lasagna, and even a vegetable lasagna, here's a radical recipe for chicken and artichoke lasagna.

4) Another winner dinner is this traditional shepherd's pie.

5) Let everyone sleep in while you prepare this hearty tater tot breakfast bake. * ring ring* It's brunch time!

6) If you don't want to splurge on the bacon, you can leave it out; either way, this crockpot turkey and rice casserole is hot and ready.

7) You won't be puling the purse strings closed to make thes pulled pork sliders.

8) This hearty beef stew will keep everyone happy.

9) This delicious rhubarb cake is made with ease in the crockpot.

10) YUMMY MUMMY! Thanks for this sweet crockpot chocolate pudding!

11) This is our editor's family recipe, and he's sharing it with you! Dan's Dad's stuffed cabage!

12) Skip the noisy sports bar, you can have your favorite buffalo wings in peace and quiet for the low-cost of 10 minutes on your feet.

13) Sub in some imitation crab, and this crab dip will go great with some toasted bread or crackers!

14) I had never thought of making this type of tart, but it's simply savory and easy and cheap to make! Check out this great onion tart.

15) Get your fruit serving in for the day with this creative grilled peach recipe, featuring mozzarella and basil.

16) These cheese sticks take a bit of effort, but they beat the pants off any frozen box.

17) As is tradition, here's my daring dessert of the moment: S'mores Pie.


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