17 Stew Recipes to Keep You Warm on Brisk Cold Days

17 Stew Recipes to Keep You Warm on Brisk Cold Days

As the temperature readings begin to slowly drop, it's time to get the heat flowing by eating tons of tasty stew recipes! Not only are stews easy to make, but you can make stew out of virtually any ingredients you have on-hand. Warm up this winter with 17 stew recipes that will keep the chill out of your home!

Beef Stew with Winter Vegetables - One of the best, easiest, most economical ways I know to impress people with your cooking skills is to make a pot of stew. Yes, old-fashioned, home-style stew. It's the perfect dish for casual winter dinner parties and family meals.

Ravioli Stew - A great way to liven up a cheap can of ravioli.

Lentil Stew - Who knew lentils could be so delicious?

Lamb Stew - This hearty, comforting food will warm you up and keep you full on a cold winter night.

Pumpkin Stew - After our kids carve their Halloween pumpkins, I use the discarded pieces in this savory stew. My family eagerly looks forward to it every year.

Sole Stew - Adding fish to stew can be an interesting way to add flavor and substance to your meal. This stew is flavored with red pepper, pineapple-grapefruit juice, dill weed and garlic.

Irish Stew - A taste of the Irish. Add carrots, peas, and onions with beef for this stew.

Oyster Stew - This is a yummy oyster stew.

Fajita Stew - Fajita seasoning mix goes straight into this spiced stew for a full-flavored crockpot dish.

Cowboy Stew - The use of hamburger meat, onion, tomatoes, beans, corn and chili powder make this simply to die for on a cold winter day.

Birani Stew - Easy vegetable dinner to make, just put together and leave it alone. Great for the busy family.

Beef Stew Cacciatore - This delicious hearty beef stew has Italian flavorings and leaves you feeling satisfied.

Sausage Stew - This hearty Italian stew is fully satisfying, especially in the winter months.

Chickpea Stew - Serve over rice for an easy meal that requires very little cleanup. Hearty, healthy and filling!

Greek Stew - Hearty beef is slow-cooked with feta, green pepper, and more in red wine vinegar.

Chicken Stew New Orleans Style - Spiced sausage, cayenne pepper, and bell pepper add a Cajun touch to chicken stew.

Lobster Stew - This rich and creamy stew recipes uses only 3 ingredients!

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