18 Mouth-Watering Brownie Recipes

18 Mouth-Watering Brownie Recipes

There's no argument that boxed brownies are delicious, but there's something magical about homemade brownie recipes! There's nothing like that rich and decadent first bite into a homemade brownie. Knowing what brownie recipes to bake can be a challenge since there are so many floating around, which is why Recipe4Living has put all the best brownie recipes in one place! So make your next brownie recipes from scratch!

Classic Chocolate Brownie Recipes - If you prefer the traditional chocolate brownie, then these brownie recipes are for you!

Chocolate Brownies

Chocolate Chip Brownies

Best Chocolate Brownies

Double Chocolate Brownies

Frosted Brownies

Godiva Brownies

Healthy Brownie Recipes - You can watch your weight and still eat the occasionaly brownie too! These brownie recipes sacrifice calories and fat, not taste!

Less Fat Brownies

Low-Carb Brownies

Low-Fat Fudge Brownies

Sugarless Brownies

Applesauce Brownies

Low-Fat Pumpkin Brownies

Fun Brownie Recipes - These recipes have a unique spin on the traditional brownie recipes for when you're in the mood to try something a bit different but equally delicious!

Cappacino Brownies with White Chocolate Sauce

Peanut Butter Brownies

Oreo Brownies

Blonde Brownies with Brown Sugar Frosting

Jalapeno Brownies

Kahlua Brownies


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