19 Blazin' Summer Buffalo Wing Recipes

15 Blazin' Summer Buffalo Wing Recipes

Buffalo wings are a classic hit, and these 19 recipes are absolutely wild. Serve these to your guests at a cookout and they'll be amazed at the flavor! Make sure you have some milk on hand, because these recipes are blazin' with sauce.

The Best Chicken Wings - Baked with brown sugar and soy sauce, the title says it all.

Easy Bake Chicken Wings - These chicken wings are easy, inexpensive and great for parties! They also taste very good!

Mexican Baked Chicken Wings - These taste like tiny fried chicken pieces!

Spicy Thai Chicken Wings
- This recipe has a unique and delicious spin on a traditional chicken wings recipe.

Chicken Wings - Try these chicken wings at your next party or get together!

Hot and Spicy Chicken Wings - This hot and spicy chicken wings recipe will knock your socks off. This is a beautiful dish with a wonderful aroma.

Sweet and Sour BBQ Chicken Wings - This recipe is a different take from what people would usually deem as sweet and sour and is so easy to make.

Real Buffalo Wings - This is the original recipe that created the Buffalo Wing sensation.

Great Buffalo Wings - After searching for good chicken wings for many months, I decided to try to make my own. I think mine are as good as any sports bar or restaurant.

Kimberly's Easy Chicken Wings - I first made these as an appetizer for a bar I worked in (25 years ago) and now my family has me make them a couple times a month! Great for taking to potlucks!

Hawaiian Chicken Wings - If you want to put a twist on your wings you have to try this!

Cajun Style Wings - Serve this next time you have the guys over to watch some sports. The heat of the wings will make anyone thirsty.

The Very Best Hot Wings - These spicy chicken wings are guaranteed to please.

Buffalo Wings - Use your favorite wing sauce and a touch of butter. The butter is the secret ingredient that adds flavor and helps the sauce to stick. Serve with celery and carrot sticks and your favorite dressings like Ranch and Blue Cheese.

Honey Pineapple Chicken Drumettes - Instead of hot and spicy add some honey to make the wings a sweet taste.

Hot & Spicy Chicken Wings - These will add some spice to your life along with some heat!

Sweet and Gooey Chicken Wings - Try these Asian-inspired wings with soy sauce and ginger.

Hooters Buffalo Chicken Wings - For all the Hooters Fans out there, here is their recipe for their amazing chicken wings. Enjoy!

Hogan's Nuclear Chicken Wings - Um, can we say feeling hot hot hot! If you are a lover of very hot chicken wings then here you go, this was made for you.

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