19 Chicken Recipes From Around the Globe

19 Chicken Recipes From Around the Globe

“Chicken again?” Your family won’t ever ask you that question again when you add a bit of global flavor to your entrees. From Jamaican jerk chicken to Moroccan chicken stew, we have 19 great recipes from all around the world. Who says you have to leave your home to see (or taste) the world?

Easy Chicken Fajitas: An easy way to serve up a quick Mexican meal that the whole family will enjoy.

Moroccan Chicken Stew: Chickpeas, almonds, raisins, and plenty of spices compliment the chicken in this stew.

Coq au DeVine: This Coq au Vin (chicken with wine) dish is perfect when you feel like a little French cuisine. Takes some time, but it's totally worth the effort!

Chicken Milano: A delicious Italian pasta and chicken dish with garlic, sun-dried tomatoes and fresh basil. Try it with some crusty bread.

Peanut Chicken Breasts: This Thai recipe tastes amazing! The chicken blends so well with this peanut sauce.

Greek Roasted Chicken and Potatoes: A great dish to serve when company is over.

Russian Chicken: A fabulous chicken dish to make for your family. This is a great dish that everyone will enjoy.

Chicken Tikka: This classic Indian dish has a healthy dose of spice. Its red coloring and incredible aroma are the results of paprika, cumin and coriander.

Viennese-Style Fried Chicken
: This is Wolfgang Puck’s perfect fried chicken recipe.  Make extra to enjoy cold the next day.  It’s a perfect summer meal with coleslaw or potato salad.

Crockpot Creole Chicken
: This spicy dish is bursting with different flavors and plenty of hearty ingredients

Grilled Chicken with Spicy Brazilian Tomato and Coconut Sauce: Grilled, spicy, and perfect for any occasion!

Southwestern Grilled Chicken: Give your chicken some Southwestern flavor tonight; just add some chilies, green onion, cumin, salsa and more!

Irish Pot-Roasted Chicken: This is a perfect meal to share with the whole family.

Caribbean Chicken Salad with Honey-Lime Dressing: This healthy salad will have you dreaming of gentle island breezes in no time.

Vietnamese Burrito
: Wrapped in thin rice paper, these chicken "burritos" are a tasty blend.

Hungarian-Style Chicken and Noodles: A simple and easy way to make your chicken and noodles taste Hungarian.

British Whiskey Chicken: If you love the taste of whiskey then this is the recipe for you.

Japanese Chicken Wings: Chicken wings are egged and fried in butter, then baked in a tangy sauce of soy sauce, water, sugar, vinegar, garlic powder and salt.

Jamaican Jerk Chicken: There will be absolutely no leftovers when you serve this unique Jamaican dish!

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