20+ Berry Delicious Recipes

20+ Berry Delicious Recipes

When spring and summer arrive, fresh berries are abundant! Whether you go berry picking with your family, stop by a farmer’s market, or simply drop into your local grocery store, make the most of your fresh berries this season. With 20+ recipes in this collection, you won’t run out of inspiration!

Blackberry Kuchen: Homemade dough, streusel and fresh blueberries make this one tasty dessert.
Blackberry Custard Pie: If you start out with a pre-prepared pie shell, this one is a snap to prepare at the last minute.
Blackberry Bread Pudding: A great solution for what to do with stale bread, this bread pudding adds a little something.
Blackberry Cobbler: A less common fruit choice for cobbler, this one is simple to prepare and surprising.
Russ’s Blackberry Sauce: This delightful treat has many uses. You can also pour the hot sauce into sterilized jars and seal with paraffin for long time storage.

Strawberry Pie: Use your favorite sugar substitute and fat free whipped topping for the skinny version of this berry pie.
Strawberry Trifle: Chef Name: Virginia Stephenson of Lehi (this was the winning dessert recipe on the local show "Good Things Utah")
Strawberry Dumplings: This recipe is so easy, quick and yummy!
Strawberry Parfaits: What better dessert than fresh strawberries.  Always fresh and always beautiful presentation.
Strawberry Bread: Make this bread in the spring when strawberries are in season!
Blueberry Cookies: This is a delicious non-chocolate recipe that is absolutely delicious.
Blueberry Pudding: Add some blueberries, cinnamon and nutmeg to this pudding recipe.
Blueberry Banana Blitz: The combination of blueberries and bananas are simply delicious in this dessert.
Blueberry Buckle: Mix blueberries with lemon and cinnamon for this out-of-this-world dessert.
Blueberry Cobbler: Blueberry cobbler, with flavor intensified by freshly grated ginger and lemon zest!

Raspberry Brulee: If you're a fan of brulees, using fresh raspberries adds a fruity touch to the delectable dessert.
Raspberry Crisp Pie: A fresh raspberry pie is complete with a crispy brown sugar and oat topping.
Raspberry Chipotle Sauce: This sweet and spicy sauce was first prepared on an episode of "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy." Trust the Fab 5 and give this sauce a try.
Raspberry Ice Cream Pie: A fruity pie made with fresh raspberries, flavored jello, and vanilla ice cream.
Raspberry-Cheese Bars: With cream cheese, coconut and fresh raspberries, these bars make a tasty treat.
Even More Berries

Boysenberry Crumble: Don't worry about timing. You can serve the crumble hot from the oven, warm or at room temperature. Of course, you'll want to top each serving with some of that ice cream or sorbet you have on standby in the freezer!
Mulberry Pie: Ever wonder what to do with mulberries? I make pies out of them. Don't worry about those short, green stems that are on the berries when you pick them. You can't get them off anyway, and you will never notice them after the pie has baked. They are wonderful.

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