20 Deliciously Cheesy Chicken Recipes

20 Deliciously Cheesy Chicken Recipes

The savory combination of chicken and cheese makes for all kinds of family-friendly dinners. Pastas and casseroles are made memorable by these two ingredients, and you probably won’t see any leftovers when you make these tasty recipes!

Cheesy Chicken Mac Casserole: This is a wonderful dish that my whole family enjoyed!
Chicken Cheese Ball: This is a simple cheese ball that everyone loves. There is never a bite left.

Chicken Cutlets with Gorgonzola Cheese: Walnuts give the cutlets a crunch, and the melted cheese makes it so gooey!
Cheesy Chicken with Stuffing: All sorts of different flavors come together in this unique dinner!
Chicken Bacon & Mozzarella Rolls: Cheesy, gooey, bacony...all the things you'd ever want in a dinner!
Chicken with Chipotle Cheese Sauce: You've just got to try this quick-cooking, sautéed chicken dish with a slightly smoky, kicked-up cheese sauce that's absolutely delicious!
BBQ Chicken Pizza: This is sooooo easy and so good, even on the second day, too!

Cheesy Chicken Asparagus Quiche: This quiche is very fresh tasting yet satisfying when you combine the asparagus with the chicken and cheese. It's really easy to make and comes out perfect every time. If you're pressed for time, it would be okay to use a store-bought crust.
Chicken Manicotti: A rich and delicious do-ahead dinner. Just add a salad and garlic bread.
Chicken and Cheese Flautas: Flauta means flute in Spanish which is what these resemble.
Broccoli-Cheese Chicken: This easy casserole dish is full of cheesy flavor and served over noodles it's a full meal.

Chicken and Cheese Casserole: This simple layered dish makes dinner a snap!
Easy Chicken and Cheese Enchiladas: Mexican is on the menu tonight, and it just doesn't get any easier or tastier!
Nacho Cheese Chicken: This Mexican-inspired dish couldn't be easier: just throw it all in the crockpot and let cook for hours.s
Cheesy Chicken Spaghetti: Chicken, cheese, and pasta...perfect for any occasion!
Chicken Fusilli with Spinach & Asiago Cheese: Ready in a jiffy, this mouthwatering pasta dish is bursting with great color, flavor and the perfect amount of cheesy goodness. If you like your pasta really spicy, increase the amount of red pepper flakes.
Cheesy Chicken Florentine: Frozen spinach adds color and flavor to this favorite dish.
Baked Cheddar Chicken: A crunchy bread coating mixed with cheddar cheese and garlic bakes with this tasty chicken.
Cheesy Chicken Biscuit Sandwiches: Quick, simple, tasty...even busy on-the-go families can enjoy the favorite combination of chicken and warm biscuits with this easy recipe. No need for utensils, there's only one pan to clean up.

Dorito Chicken Casserole: A wonderful, easy and delicious chicken and Dorito casserole recipe.

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