20 Outstanding Oreo® Desserts

20 Outstanding Oreo® Desserts

Here are 20 outstanding Oreo® desserts that are perfect for any occasion from a birthday to a holiday to just a regular night at home. Keep reading to see the full list of sweets devoted to our favorite sandwich cookie!

Oreo® Balls: This simple three-ingredient recipe creates a decadent tasting Oreo® ball.

Oreo® Decadence Balls: Oreos®, marshmallows and white chocolate make this a sweet sensation.

Oreo® Fluff: This is a great dessert to serve the kids, all you need are some Oreo® cookies, whip cream and vanilla pudding mix.

Oreo® Ice Cream Cake: Don't pay some expensive ice cream shop to make your cake – this is an easy (and fun!) way to make it on your own.

Oreo® Layer Dessert: A very simple and inexpensive dessert to make for any children’s birthday party. Just remember to serve with milk, since Oreo’s® taste their best with milk.

Oreo® Pistachio Dessert: The chocolate-pistachio combination is delicious, especially with vanilla ice cream.

Oreo® Key Lime Pie: Oreo® cookies make up the buttery crust of this delicious pie.

Oreo® Ice Cream Bars: A yummy treat to keep in the freezer.

Oreo® Brownies: The only way we know to improve on Oreos®!

Oreo® Ice Cream Shop Pie: This pie can also be made with an Oreo® crust for an extra dose of the favorite cookie.

Oreo® Caramel Delight: An Oreo® crust holds a caramel and cream cheese filling, finally topped with more cookies.

Oreo® and Butterfinger Pie: This ice cream pie is a combination of Butterfinger and Oreos® which makes it double the taste and definitely double good!

Oreo® Cookie Cake: An Oreo® cookie crust and instant pudding filling makes this cake a classic kid-favorite.

Oreo® Truffle Candies: This is a recipe my daughter gave to me. It is so easy to prepare and so delicious, you will think you are eating a truffle.

Oreo® Peanut Butter Crunch Squares: These splendid squares feature chocolate chunks, peanuts, and marshmallow with a peanut butter and Oreo® crust.

Oreo® Peppermint Balls: You can also use vanilla filled cookies and use white almond bark to dip them in and leave out the peppermint discs.

No-Bake Oreo® Cookie Treats: These bite sized Oreo® treats are simple to make! I've used regular, golden and mint Oreos®!

Four Layer Oreo® Brownies: For the ultimate brownie to blow anyone's mind, try your hand at this one.

Black Forest Oreo® Crisp: Try this dessert with Oreo® cookies, cherry pie filling and toasted almonds.

Oreo® Pizza: For great taste, use Cadbury chocolate and don't even think about instant pudding!

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