20 Sweet & Savory Tarts for All Occasions

20 Sweet & Savory Tarts for All Occasions

Whether you’re preparing a fun finger food appetizer or a sweet and flaky dessert, tarts are the way to go! Fill them with fruit, chocolate, or even meat- no combination is too wild. We have tasty tarts galore in this collection. Try one or try them all!

Pear Tart: This takes a little work, but he results will be more than worth it.  Tasty and a beautiful presentation.

Apple Tart: The tartness of this dessert goes perfect with a generous scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Lemon Tart: You can also make it an orange tart by substituting orange juice and zest.
Key Lime Tartlets: Baby key lime tarts would be a perfect dessert for anyone who is almost full but has a little room left in their stomachs.
Blueberry Tart: Eat this tart within a day or the crust runs the risk of turning "blue" and it looks less appetizing but is still fine to eat.

Tiny Fudge Tarts: These tarts are great for parties and pot lucks.

Fresh Peach Tart: Begin with pre-made tart shells for an easy, peachy treat.

Banana Cream Tart: Top this smooth, creamy banana dessert with fat-free whipped topping and walnuts for a treat to remember!
Strawberry Rhubarb Tart: This ambitious recipe includes a rich homemade tart crust and a crisp topping.
White Chocolate-Mint Tart with Strawberries: A wonderful blend of sweet strawberries and white chocolate.

Bacon Tomato Basil Tart: Bacon Tomato Basil Tarts are like a flavor explosion in your mouth. Perfect use for those wonderful summer tomatoes!

Spinach Tart: This creamy spinach tart is filled with veggies!

Sausage ‘n Cheese Tarts: These are delicious for a filling party appetizer or a savory breakfast.
Onion Tart (Pissaladiere): This tart is easy to make and a perfect side dish to along with chicken, meat or seafood.

Salmon Tartlets: These little cups make beautiful appetizers – very elegant and tasty!
Yucatan Tart: A homemade, masa crust serves as the base for this spicy beef tart.
Hamburger Tarts: Individually wrapped, so they're perfect on-the-go.

Tomato Parmesan Tart: This tart is as tasty as it is beautiful. Great for a light dinner, or as an appetizer.
Asparagus Gruyere: This delicious, puff-pastry, asparagus and Gruyère cheese tart is great for a special occasion, such as the Easter day feast.

French-Italian Mushroom Tart: You can use the recipe as an appetizer or a brunch entree or even a lunch or light dinner served with a salad.

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