21 Of Our Favorite Cheap Family Recipes

21 Of Our Favorite Cheap Family Recipes

Feeding a large family can be expensive. Here is our collection of our favorite cheap, family-pleasing recipes.

1) This cheesy summer squash casserole is easy and cheap to make in bulk.

2) Using some fresh vegetables and common spices and a can of black beans, you won't break the bank with this slow cooker black bean recipe.

3) Grab some market tomatoes and you're ready to go with this easy roasted tomato recipe.

4) These grilled grean beans with almonds are a fresh, inexpensive side that would go great with that cheesy summer squash casserole!

5) Tilpia is an inexpensive and mild fish that is perfect for this fried fish sticks recipe.

6) These are great for breakfast or dinner, or even a late-night snack! These breakfast nachos are awesome.

7) This hefty salad will fill you right up.

8) Packed full of veggies and some chicken, this summer casserole is a winner (winner chicken dinner).

9) The sweetness of mango and the tangy smack of goat cheese comes together perfectly in this salad.

10) This flavorful chicken sandwich is simple and cost-effective.

11) Everyone will love this pepperoni and mushroom from-scratch pizza!

12) This is one my personal favorites! Love this kielbasa and potato skillet.

13) I just had fish tacos the other night and they were so goooood!!

14) This tuna casserole is easy and great for everyone.

15) Why spend the money at Panda when you can make it fresh at home? This black pepper chicken is spot on.

16) This lasagna is another easy casserole that will fill everyone up.

17) I always seem to forget about turkey when it's not Thanksgiving. This crunchy turkey tostadas recipe reminds me why turkey is a great, year-round meat!

18) Making chicken cordon bleu at home isn't as hard as you may think!

19) This recipe for garlic butter cauliflower is a great way to add flavor to a bland vegetable.

20) This casserole is great for brunch, or dinner: Ham Hash Brown Casserole.

21) I can't leave you without a dessert: These sugary, crunchy, delicious (no bake) peanut butter bars are my favorite.

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