22 Beach Favorites from SavvyFork

22 Beach Favorites from SavvyFork

Grab a tote, a towel, and a cooler – we're going to the beach for the day and we've got the best snacks to share.

1) Pasta salad is an outdoor classic, but this Chicken Bacon Ranch pasta salad is making its way to the top.

2) Popcorn is an easy travel snack that can go anywhere. Try this Buttery Pesto Popcorn your next beach day.

3) Grab a bag of your favorite tortilla chips and make this sweet Strawberry-Pineapple Salsa.

4) These yummy Cinnamon Sugar Muffins with Raspberry are a filling snack to keep you energized.

5) Mason jars are great transport for snacks, and even better when stuffed with shortcake.

6) This protein-packed cereal can be eaten dry like a trail mix for an energizing day in the sun.

7) Let this Watermelon Smoothie melt down in a few mason jars, spike it, and enjoy the refreshment.

8) These Black Pepper and Garlic Pita Chips are great by themselves or dipped in some salsa or hummus!

9) I've got another sweet, refreshing and revitalizing drink for you with this Berry Iced Tea with Honey and Mint.

10) This Green Fruit Salad with Orange Yogurt Dressing is so good!

11) This Kale and Blueberry Salad is full of diverse, yet complementary flavors.

12) Pop one of these Chocolate Cinnamon Meringues to melt in your mouth (but not in the sun)!

13) Another crispy Kale recipe for you!

14) Try this Crunchy Asian Slaw for a warm-temperature-friendly beach snack.

15) These crockpot granola bars are great for everyone, but especially welcoming to your vegan and gluten-free friends!

16) Here's a great Avocado Hummus for those Pita Chips!

17) Try this awesome recipe for sugar-coated cranberries!

18) An oldie but a goodie: PB&J.

19) Nutella and Cream Cheese...do you really need more information?

20) These Savory Roasted Chickpeas are easy and mess-free.

21) I love these extra-lemony poppy seed muffins.

22) Let's finish off our sunny day with this Sunny Hawaiian Smoothie!

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