3 Budget-Friendly Kitchen Tips

3 Budget-Friendly Kitchen Tips

Here at Recipe4Living, all of us love to cook, but sometimes it just gets repetitive. Digging through the cabinets, finding a recipe to use, cooking, and then the cleanup can be absolutely draining. Here are some tips we’ve come up with to make the kitchen easy again!


Keep Recipes At Hand- Try using an adhesive hanger inside your cabinet to hang a small corkboard. Pin your favorite recipe cards to the board so they’re easy to grab. Do you like to experiment in the kitchen like us? Then pin a small stack of index cards on the board so you can write down your creations as you go!

Visible Grocery List- We always write our grocery lists on a small sheet of paper that we wind up losing halfway through the day. If you want to make sure you remember what to get from the grocery store, try this idea. Get a magnetic chalkboard and stick it to the side of your fridge. Write down your grocery list as you clean the fridge. If you want to take the list along, just buy a roll of butcher paper and a magnetic paper towel holder. Put it on the side of the fridge and just tear off your list when you’re ready to go to the store!

No-Cleanup Casseroles In Advance- Making a casserole in advance of a potluck or holiday, but don’t want to put a dish in the freezer? Just line the baking dish with aluminum foil before baking and freeze the casserole overnight. The next morning, remove the frozen casserole and use your casserole dish again! When you’re ready to eat, all you have to do is bake the frozen casserole in the dish. Cleanup? What cleanup? Throw away the aluminum foil and enjoy your casserole!


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