3 Crucial Casserole Tips

3 Crucial Casserole Tips

I love casseroles. I mean, who wouldn’t? All you do is basically dump a bunch of ingredients into a dish and bake it until it’s ready, right? Wrong. Throughout the years, I’ve made a mess of certain casseroles that were supposed to be easy. In case you haven’t noticed, the way I tend to learn in the kitchen is from tremendous disasters. I’ve picked up three crucial pointers for you to consider the next time you’re ready to make one of the delicious casseroles on our site!

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Undercook Pasta: One of my personal recipes up there is that Caramelized Cheddar Mac’n’Cheese, and there are two secrets to that recipe, one of which is undercooking the pasta. By undercooking the pasta significantly, it is allowed to finish cooking in the oven. There’s nothing I hate more than mushy macaroni and cheese. This tip also applies to rice. 

Hear the Sear:
I know it can be a pain to wash an extra dish, but if you use something like a Le Creuset you can still make everything in one dish. By searing meats prior to putting them in the casserole, it creates a texture difference that will hold up even if you then smother the meat in cheese and sauce. A casserole may taste delicious, but I find that searing the meat prior to cooking is what can take it to the next level.

Keep Them Dry:
The veggies, not the casserole itself. One of the first casserole disasters I had was when I tried to make a delicious spinach stuffed pizza and it turned into soup because I didn’t make sure to thoroughly wring out the spinach beforehand. I had to throw out the attempt and call up the local pizza place to get my fix. I also find that allowing soaked cheeses like feta and mozzarella to drain a little before putting into the casserole helps things come together nicely. 

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