3-D Casseroles: Delicious, Delectable, and Diabetic-Friendly

3-D Casseroles: Delicious, Delectable, and Diabetic-Friendly

Before I share my casserole collection, allow me to make one thing clear: “diabetic” is not a flavor stealer. While you may have discriminated against diabetic-friendly recipes, these casseroles won’t do the same to you. So whether you’re on a diabetic diet, or are looking to make healthier choices, enjoy these casseroles at your leisure.

Casseroles are simple and easy to make. They’re delicious, hearty and worth the wait. But diabetic casseroles are special in their own way: they’re rich in nutrients, but low in fat and calories. This results from the emphasis of fruits, vegetables and whole grains in traditional casseroles, and other foods in general.

Whole-Wheat Noodle Casserole: When you eat this noodle casserole, let your worries ease away. The whole wheat noodles are packed with fiber and natural vitamins that white noodles lack. Thus, you’ll feel full for a longer period of time. For a more diabetic-friendly recipe, replace the 2% fat cottage cheese with non-fat cottage cheese.

Diabetic-Friendly Tuna Casserole: This recipe gives the traditional cheesy tuna casserole a low-fat and low-calorie makeover. Enjoy the rich mix of flavors and textures in this whole wheat, Parmesan cheese and tuna ensemble without its usual high sodium content.

Diabetic-Friendly Chicken Pot Pie: Imagine the smell of chicken pot pie baking in your oven. Now imagine eating a warm slice, with carrots, mushrooms, sweet potatoes, and boneless skinless chicken breasts smothered in low-sodium chicken broth all wrapped in a golden brown biscuit. If you start now, it’ll only take you 30 minutes to make this a reality.

Diabetic-Friendly Eggplant Lasagna: This recipe introduces a revolutionary way of making lasagna: replacing meat with hearty eggplant and slimming down on fatty cheeses, while still maintaining a flavor-packed dish. The variety of herbs and vegetables provides this dish with many satisfying flavors and textures.

Moroccan Pumpkin and Beef Bake:
Just in time for the fall season, this recipe features the delicious union between pumpkin and beef with a Moroccan spice blend and a vast array of whole grains and vegetables. Feel free to be creative with this recipe by adding fresh mint and toasted pumpkin seeds or almonds as tasty garnish.


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