3 Easy Appetizers from Pillsbury

3 Easy Appetizers from Pillsbury

Between holiday shopping and decorating, there’s almost no time to prep for this year’s big dinner. These delicious and easy appetizer ideas from Pillsbury will satisfy a room full of hungry relatives.

Pillsbury to the rescue! The following three easy apps will ensure your family harmony stays intact while waiting for a big holiday meal.

Blueberry, Walnut and Brie Tartlets by Pillsbury: Reduced-fat crescent roll dough forms bite-sized cups that hold a delicious combination of walnuts, brie cheese and blueberries.

Pecan-Sweet Potato Appetizers by Pillsbury: In a tasteful and tasty appetizer twist, pastry squares made of convenient refrigerated crescent dough are stuffed with sweet-potato slices and cheese filling, then baked to a golden brown.

Bacon-Cheddar Pinwheels by Pillsbury: Ranch dressing perks up a crowd-pleasing, cheesy crescent appetizer.

For more crescent roll and appetizer recipes visit Pillsbury.com.

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