3 Meals That Are Cheaper to Eat at Home Than Out

3 Meals That Are Cheaper to Eat at Home Than Out

If you are deciding whether to eat out or cook at home tonight, it might be better to eat in if you're trying to save an extra buck. Of course everyone deserves a break from cooking every once in a while, but you might be surprised by how many ingredients you already have to whip up your favorite meal in no time. We found three of your favorite meals to eat at restaurants that end up being cheaper if made from your own kitchen.

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Orange Chicken: Orange chicken is many people's go-to entree to order at an Asian-style restaurant, but most of us would never consider making it at home. Don't be fooled by the ingredient list. Although long, most of the items on the list for the chicken and the sauce you already have at home. We added up all the ingredients you would have to go out and purchase in order to create this zesty meal at home, and we were quite surprised by the results.

Orange chicken at a restaurant: $11.00

Homemade orange chicken: $7.75

Loaded Nachos: 
Nachos are often one of the more expensive appetizer items on the menu at most restaurants, so naturally you would believe it would be expensive to make at home as well. This is definitely not the case. This savory, cheesy treat is so easy to make, I'm surprised I've never done it myself.

Loaded nachos at a restaurant: $13.95

Homemade nachos: $11.50

Fish and Chips: 
You don't have to be English to eat this meal at a restaurant, and you don't have to be English to cook it at home either. This is a no-hassle, super easy recipe that just so happens to be incredibly tasty and cheap to make! All you need is beer, potatoes and chips. Everything else you should already have at home.

Fish and chips at a restaurant: $14.95

Homemade fish and chips: $10.00

Try these meals out and let me know if they were cheaper to make at home!


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