3 Stellar Spring Pillsbury® Desserts

3 Stellar Spring Pillsbury® Desserts

Pillsbury® helped us out and provided us with many easy-to-make recipes that are guaranteed to taste great, because everything from Pillsbury® does! Read on to see the list.

Orange Cheesecake Pie: Yogurt, lower-fat cream cheese and orange juice concentrate make this creamy dessert light and refreshing.

Fresh Strawberry Tarts: It's easier than you think: The tart shells are made with an inverted muffin pan. Pie crust rounds are draped over the inverted cups and baked. Then, just fill and enjoy!

Blueberry Lemon Tart: How can a dessert this easy be so gorgeous (not to mention luscious)? It's made easy with Pillsbury® refrigerated pie crusts.

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