48-Hour Weekend Cleanses: An Easy Way To Detoxify

48-Hour Weekend Cleanses: An Easy Way To Detoxify

Summer’s winding down and the kids are back at school. It’s the perfect time for rejuvenation. Feeling better starts with what you do and don’t eat. Here are five simple steps for a rejuvenating weekend cleanse.

Baked Sweet Potato
Not just for the Thanksgiving table, sweet potatoes offer vitamins and nutrients needed to maintain a healthy physique.  They satisfy you without those empty carbs and starches.  Pop one in the microwave and have it for lunch.  You won’t be hungry for awhile. 

Skip the Salt
It’s no secret that salt makes you bloated.  Most people consume more sodium than they need.  Cutting out salts isn’t as difficult as you might think.  If you’re looking for something with a little bit of bite, try cucumber or celery.  Table salt contains iodine that is essential to our overall health, so don’t cut it out completely. 

More Fruit
Like salt, sugar is heavily consumed.  Substitute gummy bears with strawberries.  You don’t need that apple pie after dinner.  Try a smoothie for a refreshing twist on dessert.  Smoothies are a phenomenal way to include your daily fruit intake in just one glass.  Here are some delicious smoothies to try!

Fruit Smoothie
Berry Smoothie
Blueberry Smoothie
Healthy Smoothie
Orange Smoothie

Tea Time
Drinking tea as a method of cleansing has been around for centuries.  Whether it’s iced tea or boiling hot mint tea, your body will be nourished and rejuvenated. And remember to use honey instead of sugar.  Check out this recipe using cranberry, apple, and lemon juice.

Autumn Tea
Health Tea
Spiced Tea
Lemongrass Tea
Spicy Green Tea

Water Power
Water is vital to proper kidney function.  Drinking plenty of water ensures the toxins trapped in our bodies are removed.  Weekend cleansing is all about balancing out your body and nourishing organs.  Nourish every organ with 9 cups of water a day!

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