4 Funky Food Fads You Can Still Find Today

4 Funky Food Fads You Can Still Find Today

A typical “food fad” is the fashion equivalent of gaucho pants or feathered hair accessories, though slightly more…tasteful. Also lucky for the funky food-lover, food fads tend to stick around a lot longer than you think. People are always looking for new ways to enjoy their favorite treats. Here are four of the most successful trends that have seemingly found a more permanent place in pop culture:

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1. Going Greek…Yogurt

It is of no surprise that Greek and frozen yogurt (more commonly known as “FroYo”) is number one on our list of successful food fads. Dare I say it; they seem to be edging out their ice cream brethren almost overnight. Yogurt shops are popping up everywhere. Greek yogurt is fully stocked on our grocer’s shelves. And hey, we love it! In the health food craze-age, a better-for-you option than ice cream was much needed and obviously well received. I fully support the Greek and FroYo movement; it’s light, refreshing and less guilt inducing. 

2. Poppin’ Cakes

We have cakes for dessert, we have cakes for breakfast and it was only a matter of time before we came up with a bite-sized snack form! These chocolate-coated cake pops are simply incredible. If you haven’t tried them yet I say get adventurous. They come in about as many flavors as our beloved cake and now you can make them yourself. It’ no rocket science, just clever crafting in the kitchen so go ahead and give it a try. 

3. Go nuts for Cronuts!

New York loves them. It’s time we share the wealth and spread the croissant/donut love across the nation. They are light. They are fluffy and they should be in your hands right about now. These are another great dessert to try making at home. That way you can control the excess amounts of sugar and feel a little less guilty about your donut obsession.  

4. Neil Armstrong Approved

They may be less tasty, in fact they may be tasteless but they are still a notable food fad: freeze-dried fruit. My personal favorite would be the freeze-dried apples because you get a faint sweet after taste. These tend to be a favorite among kids mostly for the novelty of the idea. But still, they are a worth a taste test. 

These food fads have been standing the test of time but one thing is for certain: new treats are just on the horizon and this funky foodie can’t wait to try them!


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