4 Lettuce Wraps from Fit&Fab Living

4 Lettuce Wraps from Fit&Fab Living

Whether you call them wraps or roll-ups, these sandwich impersonators can be a healthy addition to your lunch routine. For one, you cut out the bread and save yourself those carbs and calories. You can also using lettuce wraps for instead of taco shells and tortillas--get creative!

My very first time eating a lettuce wrap was actually at P.F. Chang's. Their lettuce wraps are one of their most popular appetizers. I then discovered them at other restaurants. Did you know you can get them at Jimmy John's? Just ask for your sandwich on an "Unwich" and they'll serve it on lettuce instead of bread.

Fit and Fab Living is the healthy sister site to Recipe4Living, so I borrowed these healthy lettuce wrap recipes from them. In fact, they have an entire encyclopedia of healthy recipes.

Low-Fat Beef and Broccoli Wraps: These wraps feature leafy lettuce around an Asian-inspired mixture of stir-fried beef steak strips and vegetables

Chili-Chicken Lettuce Wraps: Use store-bought chili sauce to make this meal quick.

Buffalo Chicken Lettuce Wraps: This quick and easy recipe will soon be the hit of summer gatherings.

Chicken Salad Wraps: An easy and nutritious lunch for the carb-counting bunch.

More wrap recipes:

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