5 Basic Ways To Cook A Turkey

5 Basic Ways To Cook A Turkey

What are the different ways to easily cook a turkey? I decided to find out and share it with you!


Pictured: Bourbon-Brined Turkey

Many people brine their turkeys before cooking. Brining is essentially sitting an uncooked turkey in a saltwater solution mixed with other seasonings or flavorings. The point of brining is to change the structure of the meat resulting in a tender, juicier turkey. In addition to the salt and water, some add a vegetable broth, herbs, flavoring such as onion or garlic, and even sugar. To get a good brine going, it’s recommended to sit the turkey in cold brine anywhere between 16-24 hours.

If you will be brining your turkey, be sure to select a fresh turkey or properly thaw your frozen turkey. When your brining is complete, be sure to completely rinse your turkey thoroughly to remove as much of the saltiness as possible.

Roasting Bags

Pictured: Easy and Cheap Roast Turkey (credit: Eating Richly)

The roasting bags are basically foolproof, and also aid in a juicier, tastier turkey. Let’s face it, turkey has a tendency to become a bit dry. So not only are we searching for the pretty presentation, but we want our turkey to taste just as delicious. Roasting bags also aid in cutting down on the cooking time, which is precious to many of us that have all the other fancy dishes to bake as well.

Deep Fried

Pictured: Deep-Fried Turkey

Many people fry their turkey, but you need special equipment for this and it can be dangerous. A turkey fryer must be used outside; otherwise you do risk a fire hazard. The turkey gets fried in peanut oil which is high heat cooking oil, ensuring a crispy skin and tender meat. However, if you make sure you follow simple turkey frying tips, it'll turn out crispy and delicious!


Pictured: Rotisserie Turkey

Some people prefer a rotisserie turkey, the key to this is finding the balance between the great tasting rotisserie skin and a moister meat. Rotisserie does tend to dry meats out, so this is a tough balance!


Pictured: Stuffed and Roasted Turkey
There’s nothing like that old fashioned roasted turkey, with the crisp and shiny skin. This turkey definitely has the wow factor! Perfect for the center of attention, it’s gorgeous to look at and you’ve seen it on all the traditional movies. 

So now the question is, how will you be using your turkey leftovers? We love to throw a Thanksgiving leftover brunch!

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