5 Cereal Bars Kids Will Love

5 Cereal Bars Kids Will Love

Kids love Rice Krispie treats, but there are various other cereals that make tasty bars. Try our recipes for Fruit Loop bars or M&M cereal bars!

M&M Cereal Bars: These cereal bars have the best of both worlds-salty pretzels and sugary M&M's.

Peach Cheerio Bars: Sweet chunks of peaches add a fruity flavor to these cereal bars.

No Bake S'mores Cereal Bars: These treats are made from cereal, but they are definitely for dessert!

Fruit Loop Bars: If you love Rice Krispie treats, try making them with Fruit Loops!

Rice Krispie Treats: These gooey cereal bars won't last long in any kitchen.

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