5 Chef Hats: Recipe4Living's Top-Rated Chicken Recipes

5 Chef Hats: Recipe4Living's Top-Rated Chicken Recipes

Part of the fun of cooking food from Recipe4Living is being able to rate and review each recipe. Thanks to everyone who has provided their comments, we've collected our highest rated chicken recipes so that you can get right to our most delicious recipes! Now you can cook at home and feel like you're eating at a 5-star restaurant!

Baptist Church-Fried Chicken Wings - A dish no child will ever turn down!

Sara's Crockpot Chicken - This is a great recipe that you can start with frozen chicken. You will have to adjust the cooking time to your particular crockpot.

Chicken Puffs - A rich, creamy chicken sauce is rolled in croissants and baked to form delicious puffs. Wonderful for get togethers!

Chicken Pasta Soup - This is a great soup for the whole family. Kids love eating the little pasta balls!

Baked Barbecue Wings - You can't go wrong with BBQ wings and this recipe is super-easy to multiply for larger parties.

Chicken, Red Potato and Green Bean Salad - This 30-minute salad is loaded with fresh ingredients and tossed with an incredible homemade dressing.

Quick Chicken Chunks - It's a quick, tasty bite! Whip up a batch of crispy-coated chicken chunks in your microwave. They're perfect for dipping.

Broiled Herb Butter Chicken - Chicken breasts broiled with an herb butter seasoned with garlic, parsley, rosemary and thyme. Comes out nice and juicy!

Tomato Chicken Parmesan - This quick, delicious Italian breaded chicken is smothered with cheese and served on a tomato-based pasta sauce.

California Club Roll Ups with Sesame Slaw - These refreshing sandwiches are simple and economical to make using cooked rotisserie chicken from the market, cool, crisp veggies and precooked bacon. 

2-Step Savory Chicken - This is so simple prepared on top of your stove in just two easy steps, this recipe shows cooking made simply delicious!

Quick Chicken Quesadillas - Feeding a family is a snap with this dinner that's on the table in less than 30 minutes.

Chicken Rice Casserole - Great for those evenings that you just dont have time for being in the kitchen a lot. May be made ahead of time and reheated. Add a vegetable, a tossed salad and a loaf a bread to complete the meal.

Honey-Coated Crunchy Chicken Fingers - Add some sweetness to your chicken fingers. This is a wonderful recipe for the kids.

Easy Chicken Fajitas - An easy way to serve up a quick meal that the whole family will enjoy.

Quick Chicken Oriental - A quick and simple recipe to follow to make Oriental chicken with fresh vegetables and white rice.

Cheesy Chicken and Vegetables - A very good main dish; serve with rice and a tossed salad to complete the meal.

Crispy Taco Chicken - This crispy taco chicken recipe is a great variation to the taco dinner!

Chicken and Dumplings - Homemade dumplings cook in the broth from a whole chicken. Delicious!

Spiced Orange Chicken - I like to make this spiced orange chicken recipe at my cookouts because it stands out with the flavor.



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