5 Copycat Golden Corral Recipes

5 Copycat Golden Corral Recipes

Golden Corral is one of the nation’s most popular restaurants. With things like grilled-to-order steaks, Timberline chili, Bourbon street chicken, and fudgy brownies on the menu what’s not to like? It’s a great place to have a delicious meal without breaking the bank. However, if you don’t have a location near you or want to impress your friends, why not try one of our copycat Golden Corral recipes?

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Golden Corral Light & Easy Fish Salad: This is a great summer recipe and perfect for serving to a large crowd! Try out this recipe for a super easy seafood treat this summer.

Golden Corral Buttery Bread Rolls: We love this recipe because it really sets the tone for the meal. Buttery, soft, and delicious,, they’re sure to impress your guests! Follow these steps and create delicious, warm, gooey bread rolls for you and your family to enjoy.

Golden Corral Delicious Honey Whipped Butter: Add a twist to your butter with this whipped honey butter that will make your mouth water. This goes wonderfully with their buttery bread roll recipe. 

Golden Corral Tangy Bourbon Chicken: Bourbon chicken is another one of our favorites and Golden Corral’s recipe doesn’t disappoint! Try out this tangy marinated chicken dish from Golden Corral for an extra kick of flavor in your meal.

Golden Corral Banana Pudding: Banana pudding is delicious, and I’m not sure anyone does it better than Golden Corral. This banana pudding recipe is quick and easy. Simply follow this recipe and impress your guests with the flavor straight from Golden Corral! 

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