5 Cost-Cutting Tips for a Magnificent Christmas

5 Cost-Cutting Tips for a Magnificent Christmas

Your budget may be smaller this year, but your Christmas celebration doesn't have to be! Recipe4Living knows all the ways you can save money this holiday season without cutting any important corners. These are our five best tips for stretching your dollars through the holiday season.

1. Stick to the Basics

You may be used to preparing everyone's special dishes, but that can mean a lot of extra work and money. Christmas won't be any less joyful with only one stuffing dish instead of five. Plan ahead and make a well-rounded menu that has a little bit of everything instead of too much of everything.

Here are some basic recipe ideas to get you started:

Cranberry Appetizer Meatballs

Traditional Eggnog

Baked Honey Ham

Roasted Turkey with Pear-Chestnut Stuffing

Baked Cranberry Apples

Holiday Sweet Potato Bake

Green Bean Casserole

Candy Cane Cookies

Chocolate Fruit Cake

2. Give the Gift of Food

What could be more meaningful than giving homemade treats for the holidays? No need to buy expensive presents, we all know gifts made in the kitchen come straight from the heart. Buy some festive ribbon and decorate ordinary mason jars to fill with tasty goodies! Show your loved ones how much you care by making some of these delicious gifts.

All-in-One Pancake Mix

Instant Chai Tea Mix

Macadamia Nut Brittle

Coconut Brownie Mix in a Jar

Candy Cane White Fudge

Caramel Popcorn Kit in a Jar

Sweet Bread in a Jar

Pecan Brownie Mix in a Jar

Vanilla Sweet and Buttery Kettle Corn

Truffle Mix in a Jar Recipe

Russian Tea in a Gift Jar

Want more homemade gift ideas? Check out our recipes collections for Homemade Gifts for the Holidays and Mailable Holiday Food Gifts.

3. Make it From Scratch

Store-bought baked goods can be outrageously expensive. Spend a little money on baking ingredients (if you don't already have them in the pantry) and make one bag of flour go a long way. Don't be intimidated by the idea of baking, just follow these very simple recipes and you'll have beautiful desserts without the bakery prices.

Cakes: Fast 'N Fabulous Fruitcake

Scripture Cake

Holiday Spice Bread

Candy Cane Ring Cake

Swirled Pumpkin and Caramel Cheesecake


Christmas Mocha Nut Butter Balls

Easy Gingerbread Cookies

Christmas Mint Cheesecake Bars

The Best Rolled Sugar Cookies

Butterscotch Gingerbread Cookies

Peppermint Cookies

Eggnog Bars

Get more Christmas cookie recipes here!

4. Minimize the Meal

If you're willing to ditch the traditional dishes, why not have a cocktail party instead of an elaborate sit-down dinner? Serve festive cocktails and other beverages and let guests nibble on small, bite-sized appetizers and dips while they mingle. Keep it casual and everyone will have a great time (and you don't have to baste a ham all afternoon!).

Try some of these recipes for a cost-conscious Christmas cocktail party:


Spinach Balls

Little Smokies Appetizers

Holiday Ham and Onion Dip

Crockpot Kielbasa and Cheese Dip

Spinach and Artichoke Pinwheels

Holiday Cheese Ball

Hidden Surprise Meatballs

Easy Baked Brie

The Ultimate Last-Minute Appetizer

Artichoke Wonton Bites

Drinks: Old Fashioned Eggnog

Holiday Punch

Crockpot Mulled Cider

Irish Cream Liqueur

Double Chocolate Hot Chocolate

Hot Spiked Cider

Reindeer Punch

Vodka Slush

Starbucks Gingerbread Latte

5. Lighten the Load

Repeat after me: There's no shame in asking for help! Let your friends and family pitch in for the meal and make this Christmas potluck-style. We recommend assigning guests different parts of the meal (stuffing, appetizers, cookies, salad, fruit, etc.) and letting them choose exactly what to bring. Make sure to check in with them to avoid duplication. Not only does this cut down on your food costs, but everyone feels like part of the meal!

Use these great holiday recipes as inspiration for your menu planning.

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