5 Fun, Fast, and Fabulous Food Gifts

5 Fun, Fast, and Fabulous Food Gifts

Whether you’re on a budget or just feeling crafty, homemade gifts are very fun. We’re living in a Pinterest world; craftiness has never been more appreciated! Check out these fun and easy homemade gift ideas. Your friends and family will love that you took the time to make their gifts.

Gourmet Granola

Homemade granola looks gorgeous in a large mason jar with a beautiful ribbon. This recipe for gourmet granola is addicting and much better than the store-bought version. It is delicious in yogurt or as a snack all on its own.

Charming Chocolate Bars

Wow your friends with homemade chocolate, like this delicious German Pecan Chocolate. Just wrap it in a fun and festive wrapper and they’ll think it’s from the bakery around the corner. 

Flavorful Fudge Squares

Few things are better than biting into a soft, sweet piece of homemade fudge. Treat your friends to some delicious, homemade fudge. Cut them into bite-size pieces, wrap them in a cute and festive box, and it is a delicious and adorable gift perfect for anyone and everyone.

Homemade Herbal Tea

In the cold winter months, there’s nothing better than a calming, herbal tea. Homemade tea is as simple as mixing dried herbs, but it is a beautiful and thoughtful gift. Place the tea in small sacks with labels. Be sure to include a note with the ingredients, so your friends know what type of tea it is. For an added bonus, make handwritten labels!

Cookie Mix in a Jar

This gift is a classic for a reason! Put the dry ingredients for cookies into a jar. Decorate with a ribbon and a pretty label with the remaining instructions. The recipient just has to add butter, eggs and vanilla for delicious cookie dough. 


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