5 Healthy Wraps and Salads From Starkist

5 Healthy Wraps and Salads From Starkist

We love throwing Starkist's tuna in our lunches, but we usually just eat it plain out of the pouch. Thanks to these recipes we can now create tasty meals that are also healthy!

Sweet and Spicy Mandarin Salad: Throw this healthy salad by Starkist together as a quick lunch or as a side dish.

Mediterranean Wrap: This healthy wrap from Starkist is diet-friendly!

Tuna and White Bean Salad: This salad by Starkist is anything but bland! And it's less than 200 calories a serving.

Southwestern Style Tuna Wrap: Sick of the same old sandwich for lunch? Spice things up with this tuna wrap by Starkist.

Hearty Herb and Garlic Tuna Salad: This healthy salad by Starkist is great for lunches and can be made in a jiffy.

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