5 NEW Quick & Easy Crescent Roll Recipes

5 NEW Quick & Easy Crescent Roll Recipes

Pizzas, sandwiches and hot dogs-you can serve just about anything on a crescent roll. Try one of these recipes when you need a quick dinner.

Mexican Crescent Roll Pizza: There are hundreds of different ways to serve crescent rolls. Try these Mexican style crescents that are flavored with taco seasoning.

Bacon Cheeseburger Stuffed Crescent Rolls: Cheesy, meaty goodness inside of a flaky, buttery crescent roll. What could be better?

Breakfast Sausage Crescent Rolls: Drizzle maple syrup over these crescents and you've got yourself a decadent breakfast.

Crescent Reuben Hot Dogs: This recipe combines 3 great foods: crescent rolls, hot dogs and Reuben sandwiches!

Crescent Roll Pizza Pockets: These cheesy little sandwiches are ready in under 30 minutes.

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