5 Perfect Panini Recipes

5 Perfect Panini Recipes

August is National Panini Month, so let’s celebrate with our 5 favorite Panini recipes! These yummy grilled sandwiches are simple to make and they’ll turn an ordinary lunch into an exciting Italian meal!

Chicken Florentine Panini: Italian for sandwich, this panini is made with refrigerated pizza crust, spinach, and plenty of other flavors.

Ham, Swiss, and Pesto Panini: This is so easy, but so good.  You can use a grill with a foil-covered brick if you don't have a press. The key here is to use a good quality pesto.

Fontina Cheese and Prosciutto Panini with Fresh Basil
: For an informal party, put out platters of breads, cheeses, and other fillings, along with butter and olive oil, and let your guests get creative. Then enjoy the spectacle of a roomful of grown-ups rediscovering the pleasures of childhood.

Smoked Turkey Reuben Panini with Cheddar Cheese and Coleslaw:  This hot sandwich is guaranteed to turn out incredibly crusty and satisfying. And it’s so simple to make!

Tomato, Basil, Fresh Mozzarella, and Prosciutto Panini: You can substitute hummus or black olive tapenade for the roasted red bell pepper tapenade in this great, grilled sandwich recipe.

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  • Tomato, Basil, Fresh Mozzarella, and Prosciutto Panini: I could not find the receipe for the Roasted Red Bell Pepper Tapinade as indicated.

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