5 Recipe Short Cuts That'll Blow Your Mind

chicken teriyaki

We have to admit, though knowing about food is our job, it can sometimes be tedious to go through and make each recipe from scratch. Often times, a shortcut is the best way to make a delicious and satisfying snack or meal. That's why we've compiled five awesome shortcuts for you to make delicious but quick and easy food. Keep reading for delicious lasagna, ice cream, chicken teriyaki, doughnut, and brownie recipes.

Shortcut Lasagna- Use a jar of store bought pasta sauce and some pre-made ravioli to take lasagna to an even quicker place. Just mix a little water (about 1/3 cup) into the pasta sauce and put a thin layer in the baking dish. Top with ravioli (we like to use both cheese and beef varieties), and some mozzarella and ricotta cheese. Repeat the process and bake for about 45 minutes at 350 degrees or until the top is golden brown. How easy!

One Ingredient Ice Cream- Believe it or not, you can make ice cream using one ingredient. Drumroll please... bananas. That's right! Just slice up a bunch of bananas, freeze them overnight (or for at least four hours), and then blend them in the food processor. We couldn't believe how easy it was to make delicious ice cream that's healthy! Most importantly, one ingredient cuts down on the mess!

Quick-Chick Teriyaki- This chicken teriyaki is so easy, you'll be kicking yourself because you didn't think of it! Just fry up a bag of frozen chicken nuggets (careful of splatter), add some frozen onion and green pepper and cook until hot. Top with about half of a bottle of teriyaki sauce and serve over a bed of instant rice! It's like take-out without the take-out!

Donuts To Go Nuts- These doughnuts are so simple you won't believe how they're made. Just get a can of store bought biscuits and use a shot glass to cut a hole in them. Fry them in hot oil for about 1 minute per side, or until they're golden brown. Roll them in sugar, dip them in frosting, or even fry them without the hole in them and fill them with jelly! Also, don't forget to fry up those delicious donut holes! 

Microwave Brownies- We didn't believe it either, that is until we tried it. Just empty about 3 packets of hot chocolate mix (with or without marshmallows) into a mug with four tablespoons of floud. Combine three tablespoons of water, a dash of vanilla extract, and two tablespoons of canola oil with the flour and hot chocolate mix. You can add a palmful of chocolate chips, peanut butter chips, or dried fruit here. Then, just microwave at the highest setting for a minute and a half. You won't believe it either!


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