6 Or Less: 10 Casseroles Recipes with 6 Ingredients Or Less

10 Five Ingredient Casserole Recipes

These simple casserole recipes use just 6 ingredients (give or take), which makes the time-saving casserole even easier.

Easy Cheesy Zucchini Casserole: The best way to use zucchini and cheese. What a treat!

Mushroom Casserole: Mushrooms are hearty and rich, which makes them perfect to accompany all your favorite casserole ingredients!

Green Chile Casserole: You'll be making this one again and again.

Faux Hash Brown Casserole: This is a take on hash browns, substituting cauliflower for the typical carbs, hence making this a simple, tasty and healthy casserole.

Hamburger Corn Casserole: Ground beef and corn? Sign us up.

Pierogi and Sauerkraut Slaw Casserole: A Polish favorite, pierogi swim in a pool or sauerkraut in this recipe.

Hash Brown Bake: This could probably be the most simple recipe for some amazing hash browns. I am not a cook and trust me I can do this with one eye open.

Blintz Casserole: Crepe-like treats combine with vanilla, sugar, and orange juice for a morning or anytime sweet.

Meat, Potato, and Veggie Casserole: A one-dish meal for the busy mom!

Mushrooms Florentine: A great casserole that uses lots of veggies and cheese!

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