6 Tasty and Healthy Grilling Options

6 Tasty and Healthy Grilling Options

Grilling is of course fun and delicious but it is not always the most healthy of cooking styles. The food tends to be covered in heavy and salty sauces and the meat content is often high in fat. These are my 6 favorite healthy grilling recipes to still entertain a large crowd!

Seared Summer Tuna - Tuna is a great fish to grill because it has a similar texture to meat but has less fat then a traditional steak. This seared tuna recipe is one of my favorites because of the great texture and amazing flavor. 

Honey Glazed Grilled Pineapple - Grilling fruit helps to release the sweetness of the fruit. This grilled pineapple recipe has a delicious glaze and an amazing burst of flavor.  

Mexican Corn on the Cob - Whoever said grilling meat was the only option for BBQ's was clearly drunk because this Mexican corn on the cob takes the idea of grilling to the next level. I love the texture that the grill adds to the juicy corn. 

Grilled Fajita Kabobs - Fajitas are one of my favorite dishes to order at Mexican restaurants and this recipe transports me there. I love the flavor of the grilled vegetables and the meat portions are small enough that it's not too high in fat.

Diabetic Friendly BBQ Chicken Breasts - If you choose to eat meat on the grill chicken will be your healthiest option. This diabetic friendly chicken recipe is easy, delicious and keeps your body healthy. 

Grilled Peaches With Mozzarella and Basil - I can't even begin to describe how amazing these peaches are. While the combination of peaches and mozzarella may seem off you have to try it before you can say no. The salty sweet flavors are to die for.

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