7 Asparagus-Filled Casseroles

7 Asparagus-Filled Casseroles

Asparagus is my favorite veggie and I’ll eat it just about any way. Cooked, grilled, stir fried and baked all go over well with me. Asparagus is not only great on its own, but in casseroles as well. If you’re looking to incorporate some veggies into your dinner, look no further than these casserole recipes.

Delightful Asparagus Casserole: Creamy and cheesy, no one will know they're eating veggies!

Chicken Asparagus Casserole: This casserole is absolutely delicious. The mixture of cream of mushroom soup with asparagus and chicken is to die for.

Amazing Asparagus Casserole: A great recipe that is easy to prepare. This asparagus casserole is always a big hit at potluck get-togethers.

Green Asparagus Casserole: For variations on this dish, add green peas, cooked cubed celery or hard-cooked egg slices.

Divine Asparagus Casserole: This spring casserole is excellent for those special occasions and carry in dinners.

Exquisite Asparagus Casserole: Try this veggie filled casserole for a tasty garden delight!

Asparagus, Chicken and Wild Rice Casserole: This is a filling casserole dish with a lovely splash of green. Asparagus arranged over the top make for a pretty presentation and a tasty crunch.

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