7 Cheap Summer Make-Ahead Meals

7 Cheap Summer Make-Ahead Meals

Leftovers are the best. They save time and money, so it’s a great idea to start purposely making huge meals that you can save for later. Each of these dishes are great for making ahead of time, so you can live in the moment, and reheat later.

1) Make-Ahead Lasagna with Marinara Sauce: if you've got a busy day tomorrow, this is the perfect re-heat meal to make tonight!

2) Make-Ahead Spinach Artichoke Dip: this dish is perfect straight out of the oven or after being refrigerated for a couple days and is always a crowd pleaser.

3) Make-Ahead Spinach Phyllo Roll-Ups: feel good about serving these tasty appetizers that are rich in vitamin A, thanks to the spinach

4) Make-Ahead Mac and Cheese: this mac n’ cheese is a guaranteed crowd pleaser. Every bite is cheesier than the next!

5) Make-Ahead Pasta Soup with Italian Sausage: pasta soups are great year-round dishes. This recipe uses Italian sausage and Provolone cheese to make the dish particularly tasty.

6) Make-Ahead Potatoes Au Gratin: the Gruyere cheese makes perfect butter-soft gratin.

7) Make-Ahead Peach Cobbler: a great Make Ahead Peach Cobbler can taste like a slice of heaven with a touch of summer!


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