7 Classic Meaty Casseroles

7 Classic Meaty Casseroles

These delightful dishes are always top favorites with the kids!

Try these meaty casserole dishes for the perfect easy dinner option.

Redneck Macaroni
: This is one of our family favorites and it's very easy. It's also a great dish for using up the last of leftover ground beef or pork. You can use extra ingredients to suit your tastes, like corn, jalapenos or cheese!

Hamburger Rice Casserole:
Special Budget Recipe!

Awesome Shepherd's Pie
: A traditional English/Irish dish. Easy to make and very tasty, too.

Chili Meat Deluxe:
Ground beef and macaroni and cheese mix together in this simple casserole.

Home Style Meatloaf: A classic recipe from a classic mom.

Cheeseburger Meatloaf:
This meatloaf is extremely juicy, and the potential variety of different flavors is as big as your imagination. Try American cheese with ketchup and mustard on top and serve with dill pickle chips. Another option might be Swiss cheese and mushroom topping!

Crockpot Pizza Casserole:
Once you cook the meat, the crockpot does the rest.

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