7 Food Craft Ideas

7 Food Craft Ideas

Crafting and DIY-ing is fun, but even more so when you get to eat the end result. If you need to keep the kids entertained on a rainy day or need a last-minute gift, these food crafts fit the bill.

I've scoured Recipe4Living and our sister sites Fit and Fab Living and Work It, Mom to find the best food crafts on the web. I can't wait to try making artwork with celery and get creative with food coloring.

Dessert In a Jar: For this DIY, use some store bought items and place them into a mason jar. Great for hostess gifts and party favors.

More Food in a Jar Ideas: In a tough economy, it’s not always easy to buy gifts for everyone that you’d like to show you care. We have some budget-friendly gift ideas that you can make yourself, and they’re tasty and cute!

How to Paint With Celery: I know it sounds crazy, but a bunch of celery tied together actually looks like a flower when you paint with it.

Fun Things to do With Food Coloring: Food coloring has so many more uses than just dyeing your Easter eggs every year. We've got 7 great ideas on how to use it.

Fruit and Flower Arrangements: What's your favorite fruit? Have you ever tried using it in a flower arrangement? It sounds odd but fruit and flowers go great together and make for some unique centerpieces.

Potato Stamp Crafts: Kids dig this because it’s instant gratification and doesn’t take a hours of careful concentration.

Tin Can Lanterns: Put those empty soup cans to good use!

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