7 Fun Things to do With Food Coloring

7 Fun Things to do With Food Coloring

Food coloring has so many more uses than just dyeing your Easter eggs every year. From fun activities for the kids to creating colorful cookies, we've got 7 great ideas on how to use it.

1. Make colored rice krispie treats. For Valentine's Day dye the cereal read and make heart shaped treats. Or buy a fun cookie cutter shape like a dinosaur and dye the cereal green.

2. Create edible paint. Mix 1/4 C. condensed milk and a few drops of food coloring and use food as your canvas. Toast and sugar cookies work well.

3. Dye your food. Make rainbow colored pancakes, blue eggs or even green smoothies!

4. Make your own colored frosting. Add a few drops of coloring to white frosting for pastel colors and keep adding drops for darker colors. You can also mix colors to create hundreds of different shades.

5. Get abstract. Fill a shallow dish (like an empty pie tin) with milk. Add a few drops of food coloring and mix it around with a chopstick to create funky designs. This will keep the kid's entertained for a long time!

6. Add food coloring to any clear beverage, like Sprite.

7. Make colorful ice cubes. These would be a fun addition to a punch bowl.

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