7 Haunting Halloween Dinners

7 Haunting Halloween Dinners

As Halloween approaches, it’s easy to get caught up in baking creepy cakes and spooky sweets. But don’t forget about the main course! These entrées will make your Halloween unforgettable, whether you serve up Slugs and Worms or a Jack-O-Pizza!

Dead Man Over Worms: This is a fun dish to serve on Halloween! It's a great tasting meatloaf that can also be enjoyed any time of the year!

Halloween Chili: This thick chili has an ominous look that will fill up all your ghouls before they go out Trick-or-Treating.

Pumpkin Stew: After your kids carve their Halloween pumpkins, use the discarded pieces in this savory stew.

Slugs and Worms
: This is a fun dinner to make before going trick or treating on Halloween night! Be warned though, it may gross you out! But the kids love it!

Healthy Ghost Sandwiches: These adorable egg salad ghosts will be the hit of your Halloween lunch. They are super easy to make and your kids will have fun while eating a healthy lunch.

Jack-O-Pizza: This is a fun dish to serve at your Halloween party that is festive without being unappetizing. This pizza with grin back at you!

Witch Wanda’s Scary Chili
: This is the dish to serve for any children's halloween party! It is best when you put all of the separate ingredients into their own containers. Add them into the pot slowly and announce to everyone what it is that you are putting into the pot.

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